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Guide to Buying A CondoDec 04, 2019

Guide to Buying A Condo

Posted in Real Estate Tips, by William Heng, on Nov 13, 2019

With so many condo launches (even the existing ones), it’s hard not to get tempted to hit that ‘purchase button’. Whether it is to be a dream home or investment property, starting your research from 0 can be a daunting prospect. Thanks to the Internet, property selecting and buying can be a lot easier (if done right). So, stop scratching your head and let’s look at some of these tips! 

• Visit a showflat
Visiting a showflat is beneficial as to get an advanced visual of what the property is going to look like when it’s built. However, what you see at a showflat might not be the same as what you see when visiting the actual site. Some elements such as the layout or fittings displayed might differ from the real product. If you find any discrepancy, be sure to ask the sales representative and check thoroughly what’s included in the final price.

• Visit the actual condo site
Make sure that your dream condo is in line with your lifestyle needs. As neighbourhoods vary in each area, it’s wise to peruse a few rather than just one. In addition, you’d also want to find out which condo is the most well-connected to numerous amenities for your convenience and daily needs.
Visit the site at different times too, including during the morning rush hour and post-work to help you identify whether the leading road is too congested or noisy for your tolerance. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

• Plan your budget
Before purchasing the unit, decide how much you’re willing and able to spend on it. While it doesn’t have to be pricey, it does have to be within your budget. A carefully thought budgeting includes listing out your monthly income and expenses so you can get a rough idea on how much to spend on a mortgage.

• Confirm preferred unit choice
Consult a reputable real estate agent that can assist and keep you on the right track. Also, do a final checking on the location, price, layout and materials. Don’t rush for things until you’re truly satisfied with your final option. After all, the condo of your choice might just be your long-term residence, and you don’t want to get stuck in the wrong one!

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