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What Makes A Home A Good HomeDec 18, 2019

What Makes A Home A Good Home

Posted in Real Estate Tips, by William Heng, on Dec 18, 2019

A home is a big investment. It’s a place where memories are created, no matter good or bad. Home is also a place where one can take refuge from the troubles of the outside world and unwind after a hectic day at work. Intimacy and warmth may be the foundations of a good home. But apart from that, what make a home a GOOD home?

• Size and floor plan
Singles, couples or families; you don’t want to get a home that doesn’t provide the layout for your needs. Is the kitchen and dining area workable for cooking and meals? Do you require an easy indoor-outdoor flow, especially if like to entertain guests or have kids who want to play outside? A practical home has the right space that ticks all the necessary boxes.

• Location
Your home may be a forever home or a short-term home. Short-term means there will probably come a time when you finally want to sell the home. And here’s where the location comes into the crucial picture. If your home is in a great district or accessible to the CBD and numerous amenities, then it will be highly coveted. After all, a good location brings plenty of convenience, be it commuting or daily shopping.

• Privacy
Why settle in the middle of the city noises, live next to loud neighbours or the general street noise? Settle down in a home away for all the hustle and bustle, but make sure it still within easy reach to your necessities. Bukit Timah for example, is an ideal area for settling down as it’s known for its quiet and leafy-suburban style streets.

• Walkability
Most people prefer a home in a walkable neighbourhood. The ability to walk to a store, work or public transportation puts the home on a high value. If you work in the CBD, you’d prefer to be able to commute via public transportation such as the MRT to save time. If your home is within a walking distance to the MRT station, then there’s one less issue to worry about.

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